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I appreciate the dialogue discussion on my green tea options which educates and informs me. I learned something new.

TJ Thanx Member since Jun 2018

Excellent and unusual beverage choices served by friendly and competent staff. Always a satisfying experience. Highly recommended.

Gary S. Thanx Member since Oct 2015
Gary S.

Superb service. Double espresso macchiato was made *perfectly*. Excellent ambiance and my favorite table was also available.

Kristin D. Thanx Member since Oct 2015
Kristin D.

Iced Java is legendary.

Pearce Thanx Member since Jul 2018

They are always awesome at this coffee shop!!! The coffee is always perfect!

Giselle Thanx Member since Sep 2015

Everything is always so great when we go to Satellite! With kids and dogs, we typically go through the drive-thru, and our orders are always ready quickly, staff is always friendly and welcoming and even give treats to our dog! Will always support Satellite!

Ryan Thanx Member since Jun 2017

Great New Mexican Graburrito! Very tasty!!

Heidi Thanx Member since Sep 2015

Two gentlemen, helped me learn about cold brew, less acidic, more smooth & velvety, more caffeine. So instead of my go to blended frio drink, I decided to try the current coconut cream cold brew. Tasty. Thanks Satellite Coffee for the wonderful, helpful staff, the drinks and this Thanx app!!!

TJ Thanx Member since Jun 2018

Wonderful atmosphere. Everything from the lighting, local art, movie posters and music blended together and topped off with an amazing and friendly staff.

Matthew F. Thanx Member since Aug 2016
Matthew F.

Great service and delicious sandwiches and salads.

Kathryn Thanx Member since Jun 2016

Like Flying Star, always friendly intelligent service. Great food and drinks too!

Joe H. Thanx Member since Aug 2017
Joe H.

Best Cafe con Leche in all of Albuquerque.

Craig B. Thanx Member since Sep 2015
Craig B.

Friendly staff, great menu items (I really appreciate the gluten-not options), and ample parking.

Alexis Thanx Member since Oct 2015

Great place to meet and collaborate. Knowledgeable and helpful baristas.

Christin Thanx Member since Apr 2016

Always great drinks and food! I prefer Satellite to starbucks, like the coffee selections.

Angela A. Thanx Member since Aug 2017
Angela A.

Unique delicious menu – always friendly staff, local.

Charlie Thanx Member since Dec 2015

Your staff delivers amazing customer service…friendly, efficient, kind. It’s like visiting family – only easier!

Jody G. Thanx Member since Jan 2017
Jody G.

Yummy! Loved my dirty chai frio.

Abdiel L. Thanx Member since Oct 2015
Abdiel L.

I placed my drink order over the phone and they had it ready for me when I got there. This was especially nice when you work at the hospital and need to get to work as soon a possible. The location is so convenient for UNMH employees 🙂

Laura C. Thanx Member since Oct 2015
Laura C.

Delicious coffee (your mocha java frios & pumpkin chai lattes are the best). Friendly staff. Comparable pricing. The best specialty coffees in NM!

Hanna S. Thanx member since Aug 2017
Hanna S.

How it Works

Our rewards program is powered by Thanx.

1. Register your credit or debit card

Your card is never charged. It’s how we securely connect rewards to you.

2. Use that card each time you pay

Earn reward progress each time you shop. 100% progress earns free stuff!

3. Rewards get sent right to your phone

No check-ins or nonsense! Your phone buzzes when you get a reward.

Frequent Flyer FAQs

What is the difference between Thanx and the Caffeine Fiend program?
The Caffeine Fiend Rewards program is still powered by Thanx, which is the company that maintains the reward earning and redemption of our Caffeine Fiend members.
Where do I get the Satellite Coffee App?
The app is free to download from the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android).
Can I still use my Thanx app on my phone to see and redeem rewards?
Thanx is a rewards app that services multiple merchants. It has been replaced with our dedicated Satellite Coffee app because it allows members to manage rewards, place online orders, or just browse the menu – all in one app. For customers that still use the Thanx app, we recommend replacing it with the Satellite Coffee app, but if they don’t, yes, they will still see rewards in that app without the online ordering capabilities.
Can I sign up and use Caffeine Fiend rewards without a smartphone?

Yes. You can sign up on the web by going to The web version of the app works just like the phone app. After joining, just sign in at to view and use your account via the web.

What cards work with Caffeine Fiend Rewards?
Thanx works with credit or debit formats of MasterCard and Visa, and American Express.
Why does Thanx need my credit card?
The credit/debit card used to register as a Caffeine Fiend is how we securely connect rewards to you. Neither Thanx nor Satellite Coffee see or store your credit card information. When you register your card with the Thanx app, your card number is encrypted with bank-level security and sent directly from your phone to the card network (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). The bank enrolls your card with Thanx and sends us a notification when you make a purchase at a Satellite Coffee location. Thanx will not and cannot charge your card.

Does Thanx share my personal information?
No. Thanx does NOT share your personal information with anyone, including the merchants you shop with.

Can I use multiple credit cards to earn rewards?
Yes! Any card registered in your rewards account will earn rewards. You can add as many cards as you like and transactions made with any linked card will earn reward progress. Simply go to “Registered Cards” in the app menu to add more cards.
How can I use Cash?
If you would like to use cash for a transaction, no problem! Simply send a picture of your receipt to [email protected] The app includes a button to take and send the picture!

Do Gift Card purchases count towards my account?
Yes. Purchases of Gift Cards with cash or a registered credit/debit card count towards rewards progress.

Can I access my account online?
Yes! You can login online by going to or by using the Satellite Coffee app.
What drinks are included in the Satellite Coffee free Specialty Beverage Sign Up and Birthday rewards?
Any specialty drink you wish!

Can the $5 reward be used for any purchase?
The $5 reward can be used for any food, beverage, or retail purchase except Gift Cards.

Do my rewards ever expire?
Birthday rewards expire after the month of your birthday. Some limited-time promotion rewards will have a stated expiration date. All other earned rewards will expire after one year.

Can I use multiple rewards at once?
Only one reward can be redeemed per transaction.
If I accidentally press the “redeem” button for my reward but do not redeem it, can I get it back?
If you accidentally pressed the redeem button in the Thanx app, please email the Thanx support team at [email protected] and they will happily assist you!

Satellite Coffee

Satellite Coffee

Since 1998, we have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of providing outstanding locally roasted coffee to everyone who comes our way.

Since 1998, we have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of providing outstanding locally roasted coffee to everyone who comes our way.

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© 2018 Satellite Coffee