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We have been perfecting our craft since 1998. Selecting coffee beans and roasting them to exacting standards, crafting signature drinks, breads, and pastries from scratch and cooking up healthful, natural foods is at the core of our business.

Creating a Place to Go

It all began in 1985 with a desire for a place to go. We imagined one place where simple, great food, homemade desserts — together with better coffee brewed right — would be served all day and late into the night. We dreamed of friendly people serving up this comfort in an inspired, welcoming café. This was a place that did not exist at the time, so we had to create it ourselves. We hired the best, most passionate and skilled artisans around, carefully trained friendly serving staff, and set out to create our vision.

How We Got There

To get what we wanted we had to source and roast coffee beans, cook the food and bake desserts ourselves. We designed and built beautiful cafes and hired the best, skilled artisans we could find.  Our vision turned out just as we imagined, but that doesn’t mean we are sitting still. Twenty-six years later, and counting, the vision has evolved into a business that responds to the marketplace by using change as fuel for sustained inspiration and continued growth.

Fresh Thinking

As much as we love our coffee, we do understand that our customers cannot live on coffee alone. At Satellite Coffee, we have done the extraordinary: we have hand-crafted a menu that fuses our passion for great coffee with our love of unique and fresh food. And we didn’t stop there! We complement our coffees with artisan teas, fresh-baked goods, an array of healthy and delicious breakfast items, handcrafted soups and sandwiches. All of Satellite Coffee’s food is produced in-house without added trans fats, preservatives, or artificial flavors. And with a keen understanding of food allergies and gluten-sensitivities, we offer our own line of “Gluten-Not” bakery and menu items — delicious temptations featuring ingredients that do not contain gluten.