Handcrafted Bakery

A Guide to Satellite Baked Goods
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Simple, delicious, foods made from healthful ingredients are designed with our customers’ tastes and needs in mind. Our bakery is inspired by memories from our childhoods – from grandmothers and neighborhood shops all over the world! It’s about textures like soft, crunchy, and chewy. It’s about flavors like chocolatey, sweet, and not too sweet. It’s about smells – cinnamon, toasting flours, melting butter, real vanilla, and so many more. The experiences that wonderful baked goods and desserts give you cannot be replicated with mixes, artificial flavors, and manufactured fats. It takes simple, quality ingredients to create the stuff that lifelong memories are made of. Satellite Coffee still features bakery desserts made the old fashioned way – by hand, with real ingredients, fresh, every single day.

Our Bakery

”The success of our bakery, of course, relies in large part on its staff. “I think we have the best bakery staff in the state,” said Jean Bernstein.

Early in the morning – Every morning – our team of bakers, breadmakers, and decorators, begin the job of making cake & pastry doughs, icings, breads, and all of the fillings and decorations that go into the production of an array of mouth-watering desserts that will be prepared each day and taken with care to every Satellite Coffee and Flying Star Cafe – each and every day!

Our Pastry Team

With more than 50 years of collective experience, our expert team of bakers and decorators brings old-world techniques to life through an extensive line of signature cakes, pies, and pastries. Their skill and craft are evident in the ever changing bakery displays at Flying Star and Satellite Coffee and continue to win best dessert awards in local and regional publications.

The Proof is in the Pastries

“For the desserts we have,” Jean beams “you’d have to sit at a white tablecloth restaurant and spend a lot of money. We still remain true to our bakery roots. Everything is baked fresh every day, in–house. There are no mixes or frozen products.

Bagels & Morning Pastries

Who says that muffins and scones need to be hum drum? Our Coffee Cake Muffin stands in for a slice anyday, anywhere! Our Pumpkin Scone (no gluten) is moist and as pumpkin as can be.

Cookies & Bars

From super simple to chock full of goodies, our cookies are fun to eat – all in one sitting or to savor for later.

And if you are looking for any of the handcrafted pies and artisan cakes that are made each day in our bakery, you can head over to Flying Star Cafe to find those!

Hand-Crafted Pies

(available at Flying Star Cafe)
Our cream pies are as rich as you would dream they should be. Clouds of real whipped cream and vanilla pastry custard, ridiculously rich chocolate fudge filling, and soft and subtle Key Lime custard are just some of our creations. Fruit pie fillings are made in-house – no cans of filling used here – thick buttery crusts cry for the big dollop of whipped cream we bestow upon them!

Artisan Cakes

(available at Flying Star Cafe)
Seasonal flavors, crazy creations, and country classics make up our selections throughout the year. We go to great lengths to titillate your palate and delight your imagination.