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A Guide to Brewing Coffee
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Many of our customers will use standard brewing methods at home. However, there are many who enjoy our signature beans and blends brewed in a different manner. While there are several homebrew methods, the 2 most common are the French Press and the Pour Over. Our baristas are trained in both techniques.

French Press

French Press is a brewing method that produces a bold and vibrant brew and is easy to use. Many Satellite Coffee locations also sell French Press coffee makers.

French Press is the process of steeping ground coffee yields rich flavor & distinctively subtle aromas.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Bring water to a boil

Bring the filtered water to a boil, then wait a minute or two or slightly cool with a shot of cold water.

Step 2: Grind the Coffee Beans

The grind should be coarse so that it doesn’t slip through the mesh filter, however, you should make it according to the strength of coffee that you are expecting, the finer, the stronger. As for the amount, generally, use 2 tablespoons for each cup (8 oz) of water.

Step 3: Pour, Stir, Cover

Pour water evenly over grounds and stir to make sure the hot water gets to every bit. Then stir to make sure all the grounds are immersed in the water and to help with the extraction of the oils and compounds. Try to avoid using a metal spoon as it can cause microcracks in the French press glass; use a wooden spoon or chopstick instead.

Step 4: Steep for 4 minutes

For a stronger brew, steep for as much as 10 minutes. For the small 3-4 cup (12-16 oz) French presses, you can get away with 2 minutes of steeping.

Step 5: Press down Plunger

Keep the plunger straight vertically, or else grounds will slip through the sides of the filter. Press down slowly, using the weight of your hand and arm for pressure, to minimize stirring up the dust or forcing tiny grinds through the mesh filter.

Enjoy your fresh brewed coffee!

Stove Top Espresso

The European tradition of DIY stovetop espresso. You’ll be surprised at how close it comes to the cafe’s!

Otherwise known as the Moka pot, this is a 3 chambered device for producing espresso on the stovetop. Water in the bottom boils, then the steam creates pressure that pushes water up through the coffee grounds into the top chamber.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Fill the bottom chamber with WATER

Fill the pot with water until just below the safety valve. Do not overfill or put less water. This will ruin your coffee, and the pot.

Step 2: Spoon in the GROUNDS

The grind should be a little coarser than extra-fine and a little finer than what you would use for a drip coffee. Fill the funnel with ground coffee and give it a little shake to even it out. Don’t tamp the grounds. Then place the funnel into the water chamber.

Step 3: Screw on the top Chamber

Screw on the top chamber, making sure that it is well sealed. Do not use the handle to tighten.

Step 4: Place over Flame

Place on a medium to low flame or electric plate. Some experimentation will be necessary to get the right amount of heat to suit your taste. If the coffee comes out quickly and in spurts, the flame is too high; if it dribbles out slowly the flame is too low. Keep the handle away from the heat and make sure the flame does not surround the outside of the pot.

The Brewing Process

It should take less than 5 minutes for the coffee to start brewing (You can use pre-heated water for quicker results). The pressure of the heat will force the water through the coffee and into the top chamber. Remember to remove the pot right before it is finished brewing for optimal taste.

Enjoy your fresh brewed espresso!

Pour Over Drip

The pour over method is another method for enjoying a great cup of coffee. Many Satellite Coffee locations also sell pour over brewers.

The [slow] art of coffee brewing develops complex layers of flavor & savory nuances while capturing freshly roasted, ground beans.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Bring the Water to a boil

Fill the pot with filtered water, enough to make the desired amount of coffee. Just before the pour over, you should measure the water you will use for brewing into a separate pre-heated container.

Step 2: Place Filter in the brewer

Place the paper filter in the brewer and pour in a small amount of the hot water. This will heat the brewer as well as remove any flavor from the paper and also help the filter stay in place.

Step 3: Grind Coffee Beans & fill the Filter

The grind should have the coarseness that is slightly finer than automatic drip – about 8 grams (1 Tbs) for every 12 oz water. Once ground, place the filter in the dripper, then add the ground coffee to the filter and gently tap to level the surface of the grounds.

Step 4: Brew the coffee

Add just enough water to wet all the grounds (no more than half the filter). If you need to, use a spoon to eliminate any dry pockets. As you add the water, you will notice the coffee begins to “bloom” or foam. Wait about 30 seconds to let this subside or you can scrape off any excess foam with a spoon, making sure to leave the grounds behind. Add water to the top of the brewer and stir gently. Make sure to not overfill your brewer as the filter may not be able to support the brew. As the coffee passes through the filter into the cup, add more water, keeping the level above half way until you have added all the water. When you are done, remove the cone and filter.

Enjoy your pour over coffee!