We sincerely hope you are all finding your way through these difficult and extremely confusing times.

In our more than forty years of business life, we thought we had seen and weathered it all. Instead we feel like we are in an episode of the Twilight Zone… On the other hand, trying times have brought out the best in our company. In the last couple of days we have been turned upside down, inside out – our entire organization has been completely disassembled and put back together in new ways. Our amazing employees have mustered their grit, creativity and knowledge thinking up ways not only to stay in business but also to make life a little better for our customers.

Our Bakers are still baking your favorite scones & muffins, frosting cakes, filling fruit pies and topping key lime pies with freshly whipped cream every morning.

Our Cooks are still chopping fresh vegetables, cooking soups, sauces and sautéing our most popular dishes to order.

Our Roast Master is still roasting coffee beans, which our Satellite and Flying Star baristas will turn into the drinks you need to keep going.

Our devoted Managers and Counter folks are answering phones, filling orders, and making sure that whether you walk in, call in, or order online, your food and desserts will be as delicious as always.

Our hours may be shorter, there may be no seating, our selection of items may be fewer, but we are committed to recreating the same Flying Star and Satellite experiences that you know – in spite of this whole new world we are now operating and living in. We still want to be that bright spot that brings a little sweetness to your day.

You deserve it.
Wishing you good health, happiness and sanity!

-Jean & Mark Bernstein