Why the new program? We listened our customers and ditched the traditional plastic card, beefed up the rewards and put earning and redeeming rewards back in the hands of our customers.
Can I still use my Caffeine Fiend card? The Caffeine Fiend card will no longer double as a loyalty card after October 1st but it will continue to be used as a Gift Card.
Are there still Seasonal Upgrade and Random Rewards at the register? No. These rewards will be retired after October 1st.
Is the Bean Fiend Reward still available? The Bean Fiend reward of buy 10, get one bag free has been retired. For those customers who have used the program and have built value towards a free bag of coffee beans, we will be issuing a special discount towards a bag of coffee beans based on how many they have purchased so far.
Can I sign up and use Thanx without a smartphone? Yes. You can sign up on the web by going to thanx.com/satellite. The web version of the app works just like the phone app. Just sign in at thanx.com/satellite to view and use your account via the web.
Why does Thanx need my credit card? The credit/debit card used to register with Thanx is how we securely connect rewards to you. Neither Thanx nor Satellite Coffee see or store your credit card information. When you register your card with the Thanx app, your card number is encrypted with bank-level security and sent directly from your phone to the card network (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). They enroll your card with Thanx and send us a notification when you use it to make a purchase at a Satellite Coffee location. Thanx will not and cannot charge your card.
Does Thanx share my personal information? No. Thanx does NOT share your personal information with anyone, including the merchants you shop with.
Can I use multiple credit cards to earn rewardsYes! Any card you have registered to your Thanx account will earn rewards at participating merchants. You can add as many cards as you would like and any transactions made with any linked card will accrue rewards progress. Simply go to “Registered Cards” in the Thanx app menu to add more cards.
 How can I use Cash? If you would like to use cash for a transaction, no problem! Simply send a picture of your receipt to support@thanx.com. The app includes a button to take and send the picture!
 Do Gift Card purchases count towards my account? Yes. Purchases of Gift Cards with cash or a registered credit/debit card count towards rewards progress.
Can I use my Thanx account at both Satellite and Flying Star? Yes. Your Thanx account can be used at Satellite Coffee and Flying Star Cafe locations, however rewards are earned separately at each brand. Rewards cannot be accrued or redeemed at UNM Satellite campus locations.
Can I access my account online? Yes! You can login online by going to mobile.thanx.com.
What beverages are included in the Satellite Free Specialty Beverage Sign Up and Birthday rewardsAny beverage of any size.
Can the $5 reward be used for any purchase? The $5 reward can be used for any food, beverage, or retail purchase except Alcohol and Gift Cards.
Do my rewards ever expire? Different rewards have different expiration dates. Sign up rewards and $5 rewards have no expiration date. Birthday rewards expire after the month of your birthday.
Can I use multiple rewards at once? No. You can use only one reward per transaction.
 If I accidentally press the “redeem” button for my  reward but do not redeem it, can I get it back? If you accidentally pressed the redeem button in the Thanx app, please email the Thanx support team at support@thanx.com and they will happily assist you


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