“Coffee, you develop, and by skill and judgement, change from caterpillar to a butterfly…”

Jabez Burns, 1858, inventor of the modern coffee roaster referring to the roasting process.

Ever since the coffee bean was discovered, we humans have sought the best way to release the fantastic flavor and aroma hidden in this hard, green, seed of the coffee plant. The simple roasting machine that Jabez Burns developed in 1858 has not change much since then. Our latest German roasting machine, despite its sophisticated digital controls and shiny new finish, uses the exact same technology as Burns’ original machine.

Cupping of Royal Coffee

The art of cupping – or, how you select our coffees

One cup, many lands. In a simple ceramic cup, the culmination of all our knowledge, skills, and opinions meet. We select the best green coffee beans from many origins – Africa to Indonesia – through relentless sampling, a process we call Cupping.

Life of A Bean

Our favorite way to brew a cup of coffee…

When it comes to coffee, the old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” could not be truer. Take brewing, for example. Simple, old fashioned devices are hard to improve upon. Like the manual drip cone filter from Melitta, which is the predecessor of the modern day electric home coffee brewer.