Life of A Bean

The Art of Cupping―or, how to select our coffees

One cup, many lands. In a simple ceramic cup, the culmination of all our knowledge, skills, and opinions meet. We select the best green coffee beans from many origins―Africa to Indonesia―through relentless sampling, a process we call Cupping. Read more…

Rain-forest Alliance
Bright & mellow yet complex. Sweet, medium bodied with hints of berry & chocolate. Smooth, clean finish.
Single Origin
Rich & sweet with bright acidity. Full bodied with hints of chocolate & winey notes.
Espresso Blend
Full spectrum flavor. Stout, balance of creamy sweetness & acidity.
CO2 Processed
Delicate, sweet, clean fruity notes with a little touch of acidity.
Single Origin
Light, delicate bodied, with a subtle sweet, fruity finish.
Moka Java
Rain-forest Alliance
Spicy caramely sweetness with notes of herbs.
Night Sky
Rain-forest Alliance
Bold, smooth, & full bodied. Notes of sweet chocolate with a smokey finish.
Sweet, rich full body, medium acidity, smooth toffee like finish.
Rain-forest Alliance
Subtle, smooth with a hint of earthy sweetness.
Tanzania Peaberry
Single Origin
Smooth, full bodied – with hints of blueberry
& blackberry. Rich, earthy finish.

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Roaster’s Notes:

Sweet acidity, syrupy body, topped with a smooth fruity finish.

Our favorite way to brew a great cup of coffee…