Article – My Favorite Way To Brew A Great Cup of Coffee

My Favorite Way To Brew A Great Cup of Coffee

Manual Drip Process
When it comes to coffee, the old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” could not be truer. Take brewing, for example. Simple, old fashioned devices are hard to improve upon. Like the manual drip cone filter from Melitta, which is the predecessor of the modern day electric home coffee brewer. It was invented in 1908 by a German housewife who was fed up with the percolator’s poor quality coffee (which was as good as it got in 1908).

With manual drip, medium fine coffee grounds are placed in a paper filter in the shape of an extreme cone. Boiling water (200 degrees or hotter) is poured slowly over the grounds which then drips slowly into the pot or cup through a small hole at the bottom of the cone. Where the quality difference is apparent is in the temperature of the water. About 99% of electric brewers cannot heat water adequetly to extract all of the complex flavors from the grounds. But you, some kind of flame and your Melitta can coax all of the flavors from your freshly roasted Satellite beans. Oh, and no electric is required, so you can take it camping. Available in a one-coup-at-a-time version, or pots for a crowd.

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